What part of town (or country) do you want to live in?
What price range would you consider?
Are schools a factor? If yes, what do you need to take into consideration?
Do you want an older home or newer home?
What kind of houses would you be willing to see?
What style appeals to you most?
How much renovation would you be willing to do?
Do you have to be close to public transportation?
Do you have any physical needs that must be met, such as wheelchair access?
Do you have any animals that require special facilities?
How many bedrooms must you have?
How many bathrooms must you have?
How big would you like your house to be?
What features do you want to have in your house?
Do you want to live in an area with a Community/Neighborhood Association?
What else do you want in your community?
What other special features or needs must you consider when you’re looking for a home?